The full name of MFP™ is MasterFinancialProfessional, which is translated into Chinese as: Master of Finance, also known as Financial Manager (the top qualification certificate in the financial industry issued by GAFM™). As a professional qualification certification in the field of global finance and finance, MFP™ has been generally recognized in countries around the world. At the same time, in the financial industry qualification certificates recommended on the joint website of the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Ministry of Education, MFP and CFA are listed as “gold certification” in the financial industry at the same time.

The world’s top 500 companies regard the MFP qualification as the best standard to measure the professional standard and professional ethics of professional financial and financial managers. As a talent in short supply, MFP has an enviable high income and is highly regarded in the global market. MFP™ has long been regarded as the EMBA in the field of finance. Some world-class companies even make MFP qualifications a basic requirement for their employees to start their jobs. For example, many well-known multinational companies actively support MFP certification activities, such as Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Unilever, Shell, Ford, Accenture, etc. Most of the financial managers of the top 100 US companies have MFP professional qualifications.

Master Financial Planner (MFP)

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The advantages of certification

1. For enterprises to recruit talents, it can highlight personal professional knowledge, thus increasing the chances of being admitted, promoted, and adjusted salary.
2. To master the latest information of the international financial market, expand horizons, strengthen management and professional ability.
3. The GAFM international certificate has been recognized by major companies in more than 140 countries around the world, which can increase development opportunities overseas.
4. The academic status of GAFM will give you the advantage of applying for admission to the world’s top business management schools.
5. 30 hours of back training every year to maintain functional competitiveness and increase communication and business opportunities with elites in the industry.

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